A long time ago, back when the catalysm never happened, the lich king never emerged from the darkness, even when the dark portal wasnt open, A small tribe of trolls living in a quiet part of a jungle its was a humble and nice village filled with happy trolls. On every full moon the young trolls would have to go and make an honorable kill to prove themselves worthy to the tribe, as others went into the familiar lands of the jungle one troll alone, Slurhk a young shaman went off into the unexplored parts of the jungle, he traveled for hours hunting for something... Anything... anythign at all. as he walked alone in the woods he started to return, then he was there, a human, 6'3 light skin with blonde hair, he raised his daggers to slurhk, Slurhk could see the humans smile through his mask thinking he was an easy kill. Slurhk leaped high in the air, grabbing the man laying several punches, not on could do anything to the man, he laughed stabbing slurhk in the gut, slurhk gasped and cringed in pain then as slurhk almost faded into deaths grasp, the man screamed in pure pain as from behind was young Fuman'ju a feirce look was on his face, and his spear inside if the mans spine, it went all the way through him and almost into slurhk, slurhk broke off the spear tip slamming it into the mans forehead,the man fell on the ground hard, same with slurhk, Fuman'ju rushed to him. He looked at Slurhk with a concerned look, slurhk smiled, raising his fist to fuman'ju as fuman collided fists with slurhk, the dragged the humans body back to the tribe Fumanju heling slurhk limp back with one hand around fuman, the other on the humans lifeless body. As they returned they were privilaged of being worthy to the tribe, Fuman and slurhk were happy, but not for long, as soon as slurhk was able to heal his wound, an entire fleet of alliance raided the village, the whole village was salughtered, men, woman, and the children were tied to rocks and dropped into the lake to die, as Slurhk fought bravely was was netted. but before he was captured he layed a painful and powerful headbutt on an alliance general, knocking the man out, slurhk was then netted and dragged into an alliance ship, as he was dragged he saw his friend fuman'ju, fighting like a true warrior, he killed at least seven men before being tackled to the ground and captured as well. Fuman was put on a different ship as slurhk was sent to Northrend to be a slave, by then rumors spread of a Dark portal and another realm, as well as the forces of darkness taking control of azeroth. Slurhk was in the boat for months, with other trolls, the humans treated them like dogs, Barley any food, and not enough water to go around. Once they arrived they were sent to westguard to work as slaves. Slurhk spent almost a year working on a castle with the other trolls, But then one day, The horde invaded westguard slurhk took this opportunity to slip away into the forests, and he did, as he sprinted he noticed a large furry animal, with a massive horn on its head, but slurhk had no time to stop, he quickly jumped onto the zeppline back to Kalimdor. many days later slurhk was finally home, everything he knew and loved had burned down to ashBut he knew one thing was for sure, Fuman'ju was alive. Slurhk spent nearly 3 years looking for him, Slurhk was ensured he had died, he felt so alone, felt abandoned, until he heard about the Najin tribe. He traveled to were the village was, he walked in almost dead from hunger and dehidration as he made it, he felt a trolls hand place on his shoulder, slurhk looked up and smiled happily, for the other troll was Juman'ju, slurhk gave him a hug, fuman'ju helped raise Slurhk back to health he spent many years in the najin tribe, But slurhk knew something he also had to do, to prove himself as a primalist he had to find his inner beast. He went back to northrend as he said to fuman before he left. "If I die, I 'ont want ya ta be upse', Dis is my destiny." Slurhk then rowed away on a small but well made rowboat, as he arrived back to northrend he walked into the forests, Until he found a heard of Shoveltusks, This was the beast he had layed eyes upon his leaving of northrend for the first time. He watched them for many days crafting armor to look like the shovel tusk, Until it was finished slurhk had finished his quest, as he turned back to go home, there he stood, a human rogue.. 6'3.. Looked just like the one from the island... The human went to stab him, slurhk caught the mands arm shaking his head, Slurhk then layed a powerful headbut on the man, with a swift knee to the mans jaw. then man feel hopelessly,Slurhk then left the man, he stood back up tossing on of his daggers helplessly, slurhk then picked up a spear from his boat, lobbing with with great force, Imapling the man into a tree. Slurhk then nodded and headed back to the Najin Tribe, for there he stayed with his best friend Fuman'ju and the other Trolls, As he came back, Fuman'ju hugged him saying. "Welcome back 'ome mon..."