Character sheet.

Name: Fuman'Ju

Titles: Of the Jin'Arosan, Son of Deh'Yo, Son of Venojin(Deh'Yo), Voodoo Sage.

Character information: Nearing 30 human years.

Race: Jungle troll

Hair style: Ranges from a long mohawk-like style, to a more upturned free style.

Hair Colour: Green

Eye colour: Green

Weapons: Fumanju usually carries his two Jin'Arosan blades, a fel-glaive, and every once in awhile carries some spears.

Gender: Male

Mate: <placeholder>

Powers: Fumanju is a very religious man, but he does not abuse closeness to the spirits. He will use his own strength first, and if in dire need - use his spiritual powers.

Fuman's message to you: Progression is everything. Progression being acting out your lore, not just creating a character with special powers out of nowhere! What fun is that? When you dont choose your characters path the character becomes much more fun, step one: Set up his/her personality and let it flow. Easy as that.

Ch. 1: New Troll hereEdit

Fuman'Ju was born on the Jungle island of Jin'arosa, his father Deh'yo, and his mother Wi'mek. Shortly after his birth, Wi'mek died, leaving Deh'yo to take care of the young Fuman'Ju. When the day came, that Fuman'Ju could speak and walk. Deh'yo trained him, giving him his first spear to train with, Deh'yo saw a vision of his son, becoming the next Shadow Hunter. Fuman'Ju trained five hours a day, practicing combat, spear throwing, defense. When the troll was at the age of seventeen (troll years), Deh'yo took his son to the Arena,
Troll Baby by TwiggyMcBones

So cute.

to hone, and perfect his skills. Fuman'Ju surpassed all that came in his way, though Fuman'Ju seems a fighter, he has always had a calm mind, loyalty, and truthful. At this age is when Deh'yo spoke to the Loa: Zandajin, speaking great words of his son's feats. Zandajin wasgreatly interested in Fuman'Ju, but another was competing for this role. Zan'Zool, stood with Fuman'Ju, he too, wanted the role of Shadow Hunter. He wasn't going to let Fuman'Ju, son of the Jin'Arosan's chieftain stand in his way. Fuman'Ju and Zan'Zool always had a tough relationship, they were. What we call: "frenemies", constantly bickering, baring their teeth, baring their teeth at eachother was usually a sign that they were going to do something very stupid, a fight. Or something of that sort. Zan'Zool, was always plotting against Fuman'Ju, trying to find a way to hurt his chances for Shadow hunter. He began to grow skillful with potions, creating diverse types. A day came, when he created a poison, suited to kill Fuman'Ju, he went to Fuman'Ju, wanting to finish the job, he taunted him to come to the arena. Fuman'Ju accepted, not knowing that Zan'Zool's blade was poisoned. To the arena they went, Fuman'Ju blocking the attacks, at first. Striking back; Zan'Zool dodging. Zan'Zool countered, slamming the blade at Fuman'Ju's chest, making a massive cut. Fuman'Ju winced, feeling the blood drip, yet there was another feeling... poison, he dropped to his knees, his father looking at his son, sensing the difference in his son... he yelled "Poison! Da' boy 'as cheated!", the crowd saw this, never once Fuman'Ju dropped to his knees in the arena. Deh'yo, grabbed his Fel-glaive, gazing at Zan'Zool "Ya' will pay for dis... Zan'Zool-" The Loa screamed and hissed, moving about the arena. Only Deh'yo could see them, for he was the
Little tiger cub by miezbiez

Fun fact! Fuman'Ju's little tiger cub Fusobi. He passed when little Fuman'Ju was well... little. He cried over his death.

only Shadow Hunter bearing second sight, Deh'yo roared "Not only 'ave ya' poisoned my child! But ya' 'ave poisoned da' hearts of us all, ya' have angered the Loa. An' mah' blade!" Zan'Zool anlooked at the Deh'yo "Chief! Forgive me, Ah'-" Deh'yo replied "No! Ya' lies will not cover da' trickery ya' 'ave commited. Begone, I banish ya' now!" A white orb of light walked towards Fuman'Ju, he brought down his head in defeated. For he thought he had failed the tests. The white orb of light began to take the shape of a troll, then it looked at Fuman'Ju and said "It not be ya' time to die, young shadow hunta'..." All Fuman'Ju could do was watch, his eyes widening with shock, but in awe of the Loa. He managed to speak, the poison slowly draining. "L-Loa! Forever I will be in ya' debt, I t'ank ya' for dis, I will neva' forsake da' duties dat ya' 'ave given me." The Loa replied "Good..." The Loa then put his arms to his chest, instantly 'falling' down into the ground, his body envelopped in darkness. Deh'yo was watching, his eyes in pure pride at his son. It took him a moment to regain his anger at Zan'Zool, he looked at the troll and said "Leave, leave! Take da' canoe, an' leave dis place. Foh' if ya' eva' step back onta' dese isles... ya' will be slain on heartbeat." Zan'Zool grinned, laughing in a strange tone, as if overtaken by heartache and rage, then Zan'Zool replied: "Hahahahaha... fools! All of you, fools! Deh'yo, mark my words... ya' son will die." -Deh'yo throws his Fel-glaive at Zan'Zool's feet. "I said NOW." Zan'Zool left the Isle, running away.

Ch. 2: Zul'ArosaEdit

Deh'yo and his son, watched from atop a mountainous cliff. Seeing a ship, the blue lion on the sails... they knew this symbol, an old enemy of the Jin'Arosans' ... they saw that they were back for them. Deh'yo ran to the center of the Isle, where the capital was. Gathering the tribe around the fire. Fuman'Ju stayed next to his father, wondering what he would do. After the entire tribe was gathered, Deh'yo spoke. "Dere 'as been sails, spotted by me an' me A old enemy... da' Alliance." A troll spoke "W-what we gonna do mon!?" Deh'yo replies "We gonna fight... I fea' dat dere be not enough boats, foh' us ta' escape dems. Come, take up da' Jin'Arosan masks, da' spears of our ancestors, foh' tonight, we gonna fight!" The troll's cheered "We will follow ya' Deh'yo, we will fight!", but Deh'yo knew that this battle would not be won. He looked at his son, motioning to him to follow. So Fuman'Ju did, following his father to a large chest. "What is dis?" Fuman'Ju asked, Deh'yo replied. "Ya' new arma' me son. It was once mine... but it is your's now." , Fuman'Ju took the armor, nodding. but saying: "But, why? What be goin' on?!", Deh'yo says: "Take a canoe, an' get outta 'ere, Fuman'Ju. No questions at all. Take it ta' de' mainland, seek Raka'jin" Fuman'Ju ran as fast as he could to the canoes, grabbing an oar. He looked at his father for the last time and paddled the canoe, when he finally reached the sands. It was dark as hell, the moon showed little through the foliage of the great trees. He looked at the waterfalls, and he realized where he was; the place the Jin'Arosan tribe called "First Home" before they split off from the Gurubashi... the Gurubashi, fierce trolls of legend. And this was their land, he was the tresspasser.

Ch. 3: Primalist

Fumanju, alone in the Vale, homeless, hungry, thirsty.
Mask of the jungle by ryhe-d4nu9nj

Fun fact: Fuman'Ju still carries the skull of the tiger who took him in as a frenemy. He believes it is an honor to her spirit.

Began to lose himself, wondering what to do. He was growing weary and fatigued, in his wanderings he found a tiger's den, he walked into it slowly, hesitantly. Seeing a mother tiger, with her three cubs, he walked in, slowly and step by step, but not in a predator-like way, the mother tiger laid her eyes on him, glaring, but sensing no harm. The air of unease in the cave lessened, Fuman'Ju stayed his distance, Fuman'Ju slowly laid down, chuckling at an albino tiger that kept walking towards him. Once the albino cub came close to Fuman'Ju, it jumped onto his chest, licking his face and playing with Fuman'Ju's tusks, Fuman'Ju laughed, looking at the mother tiger, her watchful eyes looking at him, making sure he wouldn't harm her cub. Each day he came back, he was sure to bring whatever game he could find and kill. To be of use to the family. Thus further, he lived with the family, for years he lived, hunted, and even ate with tiger's, he began to understand how fragile the balance of the game of: "The predator, and the prey" was. Over time, he began to notice a change in himself, in his mind and heart. He became more attuned with the animal kingdom, he understood how such minor things that interupt the game of survival could destroy it entirely, there-forth he held a new respect, and a new belief.

Ch. 4: The Najin tribe
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Raka'Jin looks like a beast huh.

After his training was complete, his skills finely suite and tamed, he went out in search of a new family, friends. He wandered the Vale, finally hearing of a true tribe, a sane descendant tribe of the Gurubashi. The Najin tribe! He went out to search for them, making a canoe, and paddling to their Isle: Jaguero Isle, soon, he found their chieftain... Raka'jin, nervous he was to meet this chieftain. He did not know if he was nice, mean, cruel, or evil. But then, when he did meet the chieftain. He was welcomed with open arms, Fuman'Ju then demonstrated his strength with the Loas, and the Voodoo. Impressed Raka'jin was, allowing him entry, thus, Fuman'Ju was appointed master of the Magi, of the Najin. Aswell their friendship grew, best friends they were.

Ch. 5: The Fall of The NajinEdit

Leave me lying here by ryhe-d40vqo6
Najin, Held their Ground for another 11 Years, Fighting the Alliance, Defending their Home, when the Wars stopped, There was A Peace, But it didnt last for long. Months later, The Last War Came for them, The Najin Tribe, Weakened by the Wars of the Past, Their War Drums, and War-Cries, Wavering, from exhaustion. But Still They Fought! Fought for their Tribe! Never were the Najin going to Die, Never to Die without A Fight, Blood on the Najin's Hands after the Battles. Then all battles stopped. the Najin thought it was over. All life was normal, Quiet, Peace, no more Alliance attacks, just what the Alliance wanted. A day came when War came. Ships came from all around the Island. The Najin had no escape and no way to win, but the Najin fought, defending their families, friends, and their home. They fought with ferocity, but they were subdued by the 'Guns' the Alliance used, were unheard of by Najin, Many dead. The Fires devouring the Isle. At the end of the War, They though the Najin were dead, but Fumanju rose up, With a Bullet in his Left shoulder, he Limped his way out, A Bright white Light Ran past Fumanju's Glance, it was a Tiger, That looked at him, and Aided him in getting out of Jaguero, his vision began to blur. He was losing too much blood, he groaned once more before feinting and landing in the sand.

Ch. 6: The Jungletooth TribeEdit

Troll by zaveyart-d4r5w06

Fun fact: Fuman'Ju took his old attire in memory of the old days.

Fumanju woke up and looked around , he was sitting on one of the many canoes that made their way off Jaguero, the women and children weeped and mourned for their lost. The men stayed strong, though their hearts held a heavy burden, they could not cry... they were stronger than that. Fumanju was brought out of his focus by a warrior. He looked at Fumanju once, noticing he was holding a tooth. He asked Fumanju "W'at be 'dat? Fumanju, ya' bring ah' tooth?"

Fumanju looked down, loosening his grip on the necklace before studying it, he placed it about his neck. Holding the tooth inbetween his fingers and closed his eyes. Then saying"'Dere be only one t'ing t'at we may do, to recover our numbers an' become strong again. 'Den we may take back our 'omeland. We will go under new name in sake of our fallen. Fallen t'ough 'dey be, not forgotten. Sail north, I be knowin' ah' place w'ere we will stay. Da' same place where I went t'rough me own rites."

Ch. 7: The Retaking Edit

Years later. The two troll's led their ready tribe to their Isles, taking all troll's that were up to the cause. Whether it be women, children that were near age, shopkeepers, hunters, warriors, all of the Najin took their stand with the two troll's Fuman'Ju, and Rimaka. On that day, they set foot on their beloved Isle. Their canoes reaching the sand, later that day, as the drums' of war pounded, the spears and ancient masks of the Najin tribe at ready, on that day, the true aspect willpower and determination of the Najin was shown. With their Isle taken back, the Alliance fled, forgetting their short lived victory.